Fleet Service


Our online tools make it easy to service your entire fleet and manage invoices, billing, and service records.


We come to you, saving downtime and labor. Whether it's on the parking lot or in the field we can service anywhere.

No Upsell Policy

Unlike most service providers, Go Oil believes in the 'No Upsell' policy which means after you book your oil change you will not be asked or pressured into getting extra and often unnecessary services.

24/7 Service

You can have your vehicles serviced anytime day or night. We can meet your company’s specific needs

The Go Oil mobile oil change is making it easier for businesses to service their fleets. We come to you 24/7 so your vehicles can get their oil change and basic services during downtime instead of paying employees during working hours. Making the switch will save you time, money, and headaches. All prices are quoted exactly to each vehicle and the bill comes direct to you, no surprises.

Special Service Vehicles

Go Oil service vans are equipped with a unique oil vac system that sucks the used oil from the top of the engine eliminating the risk of spills. This also results in a cleaner and faster oil change that can be performed anywhere safely whether that's roadside, in a compound, or at the jobsite. We contain the waste oil in sealed disposal tanks and recycle all used oil with environmentally responsible partners.

Premium Suppliers

Every service completed uses only the highest spec and quality oil available in Canada. It will meet or exceed all requirements of the manufacturer at a competitive price. Records are kept of every service and are accessible in the event of any warranty claims.

Commercial Account Advantage

A commercial account with Go Oil will give you access to special price rates, and a personal account manager. The discount rates are calculated based upon the number of vehicles, size of the vehicles, and how many services are required per year. We are authorized to service many fleet management companies, but if yours is not one of them we are taking on more every day so just let us know.

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