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Cameron Haley,  Calgary

"We have a fleet of 5 trucks and getting oil changes has always been a hassle because it takes our guys and our vehicles off the road.  Either I send two guys, and two trucks to drop it off at the dealership, or I have a guy sit in line for 1-2 hours at a drive through shop.

Now with Go Oil, Nathan comes to our office outside of our regular hours and gets the service done before our techs start for the day!

No more wasted time for our techs and vehicles!  The convenience is Fantastic and the is price is competitive!

If you are managing a fleet of vehicles, I would highly recommend Nathan and Go Oil for your next oil change!!"

Offering services 24/7 anywhere within our service areas means many are switching over from their regular providers for the convenient service that saves them time, money, and eliminates vehicle downtime. 

Canada's most convenient service.

Stop paying employees to wait in line.

Go Oil service vans come to any location and service your fleet, whenever it’s most convenient.

Service all your vehicles at once, or individually, whenever they are due.

Service Details

Oil Change

We ensure your engine oil and oil filter is changed to your manufacturer specifications. 

Our unique dipstick extraction also ensures that no mess is left behind.

Fluid Top-Up

Our Go Oil technicians inspect and top up your vehicle fluids, including engine coolant, brake, power steering, and window washer fluid.

Tire Services

Our technician rotates your vehicle's tires with every service, which extends their useful life.

Should you need your tires swapped, such as winter tires, we take care of it!

21-Point Inspection

We provide you with a vehicle report card, indicating what is functioning well, parts that may need servicing in the future and components you should consider servicing immediately.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Our Go Oil Technician will inspect the quality of your windshield wipers and will replace damaged or ineffective blades at no extra cost to you.

Express Interior Detailing

Premium subscriptions include an interior tidy, wipe-down and disinfection with every oil change service. Separate your belongings and we'll remove any obvious trash.

Roadside Assistance Rebate

Submit your roadside assistance receipt from any Go Oil-approved service provider and receive a rebate up to $80 to help cover the cost of a tow, battery boost, lock-out and more.  

Air Filter Replacement

 We replace the air filters that collect dust, dirt and other environmental contaminants, preventing them from getting into your vehicle's engine and heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Oil Change

We ensure your engine oil and oil filter is changed to your manufacturer specifications. 

Every oil change includes:

Fluid Top-Up      Tire Fill

21-Point Inspection

Tire Service

Book a technician to rotate your vehicle's tires, which extends their useful life.

Should you need your tires changed over, we can take care of it.


Additional Services include:

Battery Replacement

Air Filter Replacement

Wiper Replacement

Express Detailing

Roadside Assistance

Experience the benefits of having all of your routine vehicle care done from the same provider. Save time and simplify your billing. We guarantee to provide solutions for your business that make your life easier.


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